Friday, September 18, 2015

Kitschy Coo Comino Cap: Picture perfect!

So, I made a dress. But I don't think I like it. Wadders suck and as precious as my sewing time is lately, they are very discouraging. I needed a quick win.
Kitschy Coo Comino Cap top to the rescue!! I just love this pattern. I know, I've made a few of them, but I wear them all the time. I can always use another.
For the fabric, I used a precious camera print that I purchased from Kitschy Coo last year. There is still a bit in stock, if you hurry! Check it out here. Since this is a nice beefy knit, I paired it with an interlock from Chez Ami. They are similar weights, so they work well together.
I've made this pattern enough times that I can go from staring at my stash to putting on my new top in less than two hours. I love a quick win. It's so good for the mojo.
One thing I have discovered, as I've made several of the colorblocked style, is that I find that I like to make the bottom section separate from the top, then sew the joining seam in the round. That way, I can match the thread in each section. It was particularly important to me here, since hot pink thread would have been rather obvious in the black section, and black thread quite noticable in the pink.
Thank goodness for a quick win! Maybe I won't give up on this sewing thing after all.


  1. Oooh, hey, nice backdrop! Is this at your house or somewhere else?
    (And you know I love a Comino cap in any form! ;)

  2. haha I was thinking the same thing as Gillian - nice location! And such a lovely bright t-shirt to cheer you up! It looks really great on you, I can see why you wear them all the time. TNT patterns like that are fabulous aren't they - I can go from stash-to-finished in 2hrs with the Grainline Linden sweater (and did, yesterday!) and it's so nice when you need a quick win. Plus, stashbusting! Yay!

  3. Picture perfect and camera ready ;) great little top.

  4. Such a relief to have a guaranteed win!

  5. It's my back porch. I'm such a slacker!! Next post was at a park though. Better!

  6. SO CUTE! I love that top!

  7. Ooo I love that shirt on you! Such a great style and combo of fabric!