Saturday, June 20, 2015

Comino Cap with a Sewcialist twist

Well, May was awesome productivity-wise and my mojo returned to me, but then school let out for the summer. Finding time to sew has been challenging, but I managed to distract Myra with my Barbies long enough to crank out this Comino Cap top.
I love this pattern. It's a super quick sew, fit's well and looks great on. Perfect for a precious fabric that I only had a yard of.
Here's a back view, for a better look at the print, which is Sew in Love by Lillestoff. It is vintage sewing machines!!! Surrounding the machine motifs are tiny curliques, topped with scissors and surrounded by red hearts. I love this fabric. As of this moment, there is still some in stock here at Kitschy Coo's fabric shop.
Since the print features little red hearts throughout, I decided to match them with red neck and sleeve bands. To make the red pop a bit more, I made my bands 1/8 wider than the pattern calls for, simply by sewing the neckline and sleeves at 1/4 inch SA rather than 3/8. Wider bands say more casual to me, and I wanted this to be a wear every day sort of top. Because SEWING MACHINES! I will wear it every day...
Taking pics in the summer is tricky too. I have helpers.... Good thing they are cute!


  1. I see young moms cranking out endless garments and I'm green with envy. I remember when my daughter was young I made tons of dresses and play clothes for her. I'm 53 now and have a five year-old and can't seem to manage ANY sewing time. It's truly getting to me, so just last night we had a talk about how I need time to do things I enjoy. Hopefully BEFORE school starts in August, but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel! Cute top, and cute little noggin', too!

  2. Fun! I love the fabric and the pattern. Great job.

  3. I think that last photo is so lovely. Great fabric and great iteration of the top.