Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pajamapalooza 2015

I took over 100 pictures. And that was the best one...

It seems like every year my kids all need PJs at once. You'd think I could manage to plan for this better, but every year it seems like I am making 12 or so sets of PJs. At least this year it was just the boys.
Sort of. Myra has a collection of nightgowns that I made her several months ago. They all still fit and she loves them, but a friend of hers gave her these fleece pants, and she needed a top to go with them.
It turns out to be sort of fortuitous actually. I've been wanting to make this pattern (Ottobre 06/2010-18) for her since the magazine came out. In 2010. I even bought this fabric with this very pattern in mind. In 2010. I was so on the ball about it in fact, that this is the largest size the pattern is drafted in. And when I got the magazine she was too small for the smallest size. Seriously, how does that even happen?!
Since I had waited until the last possible moment to make this, I decided to go all out with the topstitching. I did a line of stitching on either side of each seam, with the thread color contrasting the fabric. Myra loves it. And it wasn't as hard to do as it looks. I just threaded my coverstitch with the two colors in either needle. This pic also show the cool fabric. It is a knit double cloth. The pink layer is an athletic mesh which is bonded to the green jersey layer. The green shows through the holes in the mesh, and the pink bonding stitches show on the green side. It's a very neat effect.
Duncan's PJs are extremely basic. The pants are one piece pants adapted from Sewing for Boys. The shirt is long sleeve, cuffed sleeve from Ottobre. I honestly can't remember which one it is, but there is one in nearly every issue.
He likes them, and I made 3 sets, so I busted a ton of stashed flannel and knit scraps on these. Total win.
And last but not least we have Logan. Logan decided recently that he wanted to change PJ styles. His past pajamas have been long sleeve and long pants, both made of flannel. He told me a few weeks ago that these were too hot (note: It was snowing at the time.) and that he wanted short sleeve tee shirts and shorts for sleeping. So, here we go. This is set #1, made with Ottobre 03/2013-23/39 and 06/2011-37
I've made him two sets so far, and he's very happy with both. You can see the second set in the top picture. Those two sets were random stashbusted fabrics, but I find that the stash is very low on older boy friendly knits, so I ordered a few, and then I'll make more. You can never have too many comfy PJs.


  1. Wow! Great job! Everybody looks happy and comfy!

  2. Great job. I love Logan's green and black stripes and Myra's pink and green ones the best though!

  3. Looks like they have room to grow, too, so that's a plus. Your snow has to be gone and spring well taken root by now! Tennessee has earlier spring than the calendar indicates.

  4. So fun! The topstitching turned out great on Myra's top. It's so true that the need for clothes happens all at the same time. I need to assess the pj situation myself...

  5. Hello,
    I'm new here and your PJ are lovely but what I need is help with the Pfaff tipmatic 1025-1027. I've had that machine for 30 plus years and am getting back to it no problems sewing straight stiches but I can't seem to get it to do a zig zag. I have the manual and all the feet but it's not helpful. How did you manage all those fancy stiches? Please give me pointers.
    Thank you,

  6. The snow is mostly gone, but we did get one last blast of it last night, and woke up to white stuff all over the deck. All melted now though!