Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ottobre 06/2010-15

This cute face. How do I ever sew for anyone else?? Sadly, Duncan's wardrobe needs are simple, and he does have a lot of Logan hand-me-downs.
But he doesn't have much in the way of long sleeve shirts, which gives me an excuse to sew my favorite pattern with my favorite fabrics.
I mean, seriously. Those hipster frogs are killing me. I got them from Kitschy Coo, of course. The solid green is from Hobby Lobby. It cannot compare at all to the Lillestoff frogs in quality, but it is the right color.
The pattern is from the 06/2010 issue of Ottobre. I have made it at least a half dozen times, and I will make it many more. I love the seaming. Such a nice flattering curve to the raglan seam! And I love the slim, modern fit. It's pretty much the holy grail of shirt patterns and I will cry when my kids outgrow the size range.
But before that happens, I'm going to make it a bunch more times.
Because this face, y'all.


  1. He's also adorable. The hipster frogs might be jealous of all the attention he's taking away from them.

  2. They were cute BEFORE cute was cool. LOL!

  3. So, so cute! I love the frog raglan...perfect for such a handsome little guy!

  4. Funny! I made this pattern three times the past week and have been lazy about blogging it. I didn't even know you made it! I picked it out for the awesome lines along the shoulders, it highlights some fabric with neat designs well. Great work, as usual!