Wednesday, May 28, 2014

LouBee Clothing Shandiin DRESS!!

After making Myra's Shandiin tunic, I knew this was going to be my summer go-to pattern.
And while she has gotten more flexible about wearing pants and shorts lately, Myra is at heart a dress girl. Especially a dress with pink and ruffles. Nothing better.
And so, Shandiin became a dress!! With ruffles.
And bling. Because what is a ruffly dress with out sparkles.
It's even reversible! Fully lining the dress was super easy. All I did was use the body pattern pieces to finish the upper front and lower back sections, instead of bias strips. Since the armholes are finished with the bias straps, there's no turning it right side out puzzle. Easy peasy.
To make the tunic a dress, I literally just added the length of the ruffle to the tunic length. Myra is quite petite, so take that into account if you make your Shandiin into a dress.
I made my ruffle about 3 inches wide (finished). It is a double layer with the fold as the hem edge, so that it would be easily reversible. It's stitched to the lining for that double layer effect. You could just as easily stitch it on under the hem if you didn't want to line your Shandiin.
The fabrics I used were a lightweight corded cotton print from Joann for the main fabric. The lining is a cotton voile from FabricMart.
Myra loves each one of her Shandiins. The tops, the tunic and the dress all get regular wear. I love sewing it. While it is quick and easy, it's also fun and interesting. Have you sewn up a Shandiin yet?


  1. Super cute sundress, I like how Myra has the hand on hip pose down!

  2. VERY cute dress! Might need to make one for my DGD!

  3. Super duper cute! I love this dress and she looks so happy in it!

  4. Ahhhhh she's sooo cute. I enjoy worshiping her from a far where the sass can't get me. ;) Sweet mod with the ruffle, Katie