Thursday, May 22, 2014

LouBee Clothing Shandiin: Tunic style

Last post, I showed you Myra's favorite Shandiin, but  here was the one that started it all!
This is the tunic length with button (or in this case, snap) opening in front. The cat print is a quilting cotton from Joann, and the black is voile from FabricMart. Boy did that voile make nice bias straps! So flexible.
That keyhole opening in back is just stunning. Even on this early version, the fit in back is lovely.
In the testing process, the placket was narrowed and the fit through the armholes refined, but you can see that even the first version is very wearable. Myra loves it.
We both really like the tunic length. It hits just past her backside, and it looks perfect with leggings and slim pants. She likes to wear this with her Hosh Pants, of course.
It's one of her favorite school outfits - Shandiin and Hosh. She really likes how comfortable and cute this combo is.
Wait, you don't have this pattern yet?? Myra wants to know what you're waiting for! Go get it now!!

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