Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ottobre 06/2010-15 tee shirt

Several months ago, Logan started drawing pictures of a rocketship. They always look like this. Then Amanda unveiled this fabric. I'm not exaggerating when I say my jaw dropped when I saw it. It's Logan's rocketship!!
With the collision of the #sewbluefebruary Sewcialist theme and the Stashbusters Sewing for Others theme, it seemed the perfect time to pull out Rocketboy and make up a shirt.
The pattern is from the 06/2010 issue of Ottobre, and I've used it before here. Lillestoff fabric is a wee bit spendy, so I like to use it on a pattern that I know is a winner, and Logan wears his "fire shirt" all the time.
I used a nice beefy interlock from Chez Ami for the white contrast, and topstitched all the seams with a chainstitch. You can barely see the white stitching on the raglan seams, but the blue around the neckline shows up in the sleeve area.
While I had the white interlock out, I made a bunch of undies as well out of various scraps of "boy" printed jersey. This is the Kitschy Coo Boy Cut Brief. I love, love, love this underwear pattern. There are only two seams in the body and the bands are soft jersey - no elastic to bind and pinch! Logan has sensitive skin and some sensory issues so these undies are a godsend.
So Logan, do you like all your new clothes? Yeah? Give us a funny face!
I love this crazy kid.


Beth Conkwright said...

Having an Autistic grandson I know the joy of finding something they love. He loved Cookie Monster and our whole family would try to find him Cookie Monster stuff. He's 10 years old now and the school wanted him to switch to age appropriate things, so bye bye Cookie Monster. I still have to control myself not to buy him Cookie Monster things. Now he likes bears, so now I'm looking for bear material but it can't be babyish. I know he'll love this special shirt you made him.

kristin at sunnysewing said...

Spendy fabric, but very worth it. It looks perfectly boy. It seems like many of my tnt patterns for the kids are Ottobres :D They are winners.
We are no stranger to sensitive skin and sensory issues at my house - I'll have to check out that undie pattern.
Great job on the shirt (and how cute is the little man with funny faces!)

Lynn said...

"A wee bit spendy" is today's understatement. So cute and he clearly loves it!

Marjie said...

In that first picture, Logan looks delighted with his rocketship on his shirt! Of course he likes his new clothes; what's not to love? He's really growing up; I still think of him as being about 4.

CGCouture said...

Love! I can see why Logan would love his new clothes, these are perfect! :-)

Boy prints are hard to find, and I try to buy 'em when I see 'em, but HOLY MOLY!! Spendy is an understatement!! I had to close the window quickly so that my little guy didn't see it!! And I never really thought about making undies for the little guy, but that's a really good idea given how skinny he is.

Jessamy Rose said...

Add a cape and you have the makings of a superhero outfit, lol. I think
this is a nice contrast to the fire shirt. It's like they can fit with
his moods. Some days you feel fierce and full of fire. Some day you
are cool and calm. Wonderful.

Laura said...

He is such a fun kid! This shirt is so cute- especially on him.