Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ottobre 01/2010-24: 100 day shirt!

Today was a big day, scholastically speaking. It was the 100th day of school!! The Kindergarteners each year make a big deal of this day, mostly as an excuse to work on counting in a fun way. Myra has been excited about 100 day, and Logan caught the excitement, so I made them both something to commemorate the occasion. More on Myra's tomorrow, but today... Logan!
When I asked Logan what kind of shirt he wanted, he just said he wanted it to be blue. I took a little liberty by using two different colors of blue. Risk taker, that's me.
The pattern is from the 06/2010 issue of Ottobre. It's a basic tee, but with shoulder yokes both front and back.
I topstitched the yoke and neckline with the lighter color thread, so the stitching would pop.
I appliqued the '100' with the darker blue jersey and topstitched it with the same lighter thread. I used a triple stitch. When I applique jersey to jersey, I like to keep as much stretch as possible, so rather than fusing the piece with heat and bond, I use a glue stick to place the applique, then just stitch around it. The glue washes away, leaving the applique just as soft and stretchy as can be.
Logan likes his 100 shirt, and I am very pleased with this pattern. The yokes mean I could eliminate the shoulder seam, so the shoulder area, where he carries his backpack, is nice and soft.
Logan insisted I show you that it looks just as good upside down...
Tomorrow - 100 day in pink!


  1. LOL, so cute in the upside down pic. I was wondering what this 100 days thing was about. Did I miss a sew-a-long theme?! But now I know. Sounds like a fun things for the kids. :)

  2. He's adorable. Love the upside down photo.

  3. I agree with Logan- it looks great upside down. This brought back memories of the 100 day celebrations !