Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another Tanit-Isis Shrug...

I love my houndstooth shrug immensely, even with it's imperfections, so I was ready to cut into my "real" fabric.
This is a lovely piece of mohair/silk knit that my mother gave me. I believe she picked it up at Waechter's Fine Fabrics while on a visit to North Carolina. It is absolutely divine, and I wanted to make it into something special, but not so special that I wouldn't wear it often.
And that I why I chose this pattern. I think it works as well with jeans and a tee shirt as it does with a black pencil skirt and red lipstick. This time I left the sleeve length as drafted (this is the size medium). It's definitely a little longer than a 3/4 sleeve, more like bracelet length. I like it.
For the closure, I again didn't want to risk a buttonhole in this fine knit, so I sewed on a wee snap and attached a pretty lace covered vintage button over the snap. The color of the knit is quite unusual - lilac in some lights and pale pink in others - so I was surprised to find this button that coordinates so well, both in color and style.
I am completely thrilled with this shrug and I know it will get a lot of wear, but there will be more to this story... I still have a yard of this knit, and while I was considering finishing options, I posted my conundrum on Facebook and Ann suggested facing the edges with silk chiffon, rather than using the bands as per the pattern.
I tried out a few options and I really like the look of the chiffon facing, particularly with some crystal seed beads decorating the edge. I'd like to make this again, in a more special occasion version, doing just that.


  1. Oh, that chiffon facing truly is lovely, very light and also sophisticated. Wonderful idea.

  2. It's really pretty, and that sleeve length is great: long enough to keep you warm, and short enough to stay out of the way!

  3. Oh, wow---another version too!?!? I swoon. That chiffon facing sounds divine---I can't wait to see how it works out. :)

  4. hmmmm...checking out your jeans with those cool front patch pockets with pocket flaps....hrmmm...will have to consider that for my next pair of jeans!!

  5. Very pretty. Love the delicate fabric, so pretty.

  6. Divine! Your shrug can be dressed up or down. It looks terrific on you.