Friday, November 16, 2012

Sewing For Boys Goodnight Sweetheart PJs

Both my boys were in need of new jammies, and I happened to have a very large piece of boy-themed flannel that had been given to me, so I decided to make them matching PJs. I don't think Logan will tolerate this sort of behavior much longer, so I thought I'd better get them made now.
The pattern I used is from the Sewing For Boys book. The PJ pattern in the book is only graded down to the 2/3 size, which is too large for Duncan, so instead I used the Out on the Town jacket, which is collarless and has a curved neckline, just like the PJ pattern.
Very few modifications were required to make the jacket into PJs. Since the jacket is designed to be lined to the edge, I did add hem allowances to the sleeve and bottom edge, and had to create my own facings. The pattern has a shaded area that indicates where the main jacket pieces are to be interfaced, and I used those as my facing pieces.
They didn't match up to each other perfectly, but they aren't intended to be facings, so I don't consider that a problem with the pattern. If you're doing this though, do be sure to true your pattern pieces before you cut fabric.
I followed the instructions for the PJs and I love the way the facings are attached with piping. It was so easy and it looks really great! The insides are lovely, with the seams enclosed within the facing. For my boys, I used two different colors of piping and buttons, so that they would be easy to sort out in the wash/
For the pants, I used the Kicking Back Sweats and Two Faced pants that I had already traced for the boys. They needed a little length added, since both boys have grown since I traced out those patterns in February, but otherwise they were great.
I didn't do the cuffs or faux fly that are included in the pattern, but I did stitch a little button to the waistband. It's always nice to have an extra button around, and it makes it easy to tell back from front. In this case, it will also make it easier for me to tell Duncan's pants from Logan's since they are pretty much identical other than size.
Getting reasonable pictures of two very active, wiggly boys in low light was well nigh impossible. But they both really like their new jammies, and so do I.


  1. So sweet--the piping is really a sharp detail. That's brilliant about the distinguishing features too. I need to think about those kinds of things--it'd help me, but particularly DH when he ends up putting away the laundry.

  2. I love the book Sewing for boys and have managed to use that pattern for the sweetheart PJs so many times I can't even count! My son loves them and I adore the idea of the cuffs at the bottom that can be let out easily as my son grows. yours are fabulous!

  3. Very cute! My oldest boy (11) no longer wants pj's, only pj pants. So it was a good decision to use the fabric now!

  4. Love them! Especially the piping :)

  5. Those are really cute! My youngest insisted that he and Ryan had to match until he was about 6, and Ryan, being a good sport, did wear the same color (and even the same shirt in a different size) for many years. You never can tell what loyalties will pop out in brothers. That flannel was perfect for little boy jammies!

  6. Love the pajamas! My boy is still wearing the Ottobre ones I made so long ago- and they are getting way too short. Maybe I should take this as a sign...

  7. That is such a great idea to use different colors of piping to distinguish the sets! The piping is great--you know I love piping!!