Wednesday, October 17, 2012

McCalls 6035 blouse

Linda made this gorgeous blouse with McCalls 6035 and I completely copied was totally inspired by it and needed my own.
The fabric is a stretch linen from my stash. It is really fab, and I really wish I knew where it came from. I need some more!! It was a dream to sew and it wears very nicely. The lycra reduces the tendency linen has to crease.
The pattern is really great. This was kind of a rush job, as I wanted to wear it to Sewing Summit on Saturday, but didn't decided that until like Thursday. No time for a muslin, so I just petited the bodice above the bust about 1/2 inch and cut the D cup pattern pieces. Love those cup sized patterns!! Anyway, the fit isn't PERFECT, but it is really darn good, and honestly, I think this is one of those cases where good is the enemy of best. I think if I tried to tweak the armhole to get rid of those underarm wrinkles in the back, I'd just make other sleeve problems for myself.
See what I mean? The fit in back is really pretty good. I'm keeping it. What was that? You want a closer look at that sleeve detail?
Isn't it lovely? There is a story... So, as I mentioned, this was a very last minute sew. As in, I stitched it up at Sewing Summit during the open sew time. It took me two evenings of sewing. I got to the ruched area on evening one, and it was nearly one in the morning. Needless to say, there was unpicking involved. If I had been paying attention, it would have been fine. It wasn't complicated to construct at all. But you do need to pay attention to the instructions.
I do like the way it picks up the pink in my velvet Meringue skirt. I'm really glad I stitched it up on a whim. It is definitely going to be a major wardrobe player. Now anyone seen anymore stretch linen for sale?? This stuff is awesome!


  1. Lovely blouse, and what a great colour!

  2. I should really comment more often, but I have a hard time knowing what to say. I am blown away by your wonderful creations! What a beautiful blouse.

  3. It's a gorgeous blouse and goes with your new skirt very nicely!

  4. Such a pretty blouse...the color is great on you!

  5. Work it, girl! Another beautiful outfit that everyone at Sewing Summit just loved!

  6. Beautiful! I have this pattern and keep meaning to make it. Your version is beautiful!