Friday, October 26, 2012

Jalie 2792 leotard, but with legs

Last week at gymnastics, Myra managed to put a hole in her old leo (which was also getting small). I am darn pleased we actually got an entire year's worth of wear out of it actually, but it was time for a new one.
Despite the fact that it is actively snowing outside, Myra had to try it out immediately.
I blended two Jalie patterns to get the final look that I wanted. The bodice (above the waist) is from Jalie 2792 and the legs (below the waist) is from Jalie 2105 (OOP). Both patterns had the waistline marked, which made blending them very easy.
I really like the upper bodice of 2792, particularly the option of the keyhole in back. It's so pretty! 2105 is a great basic leotard, but the neckline is wide and a bit low in back and tended to slip down Myra's shoulders. This one seems more secure.
Up close, you can see that the back keyhole actually has a closure at the neckline that allows for ease of dressing. I elected to use my coverstitch binder on the openings, rather than the stitched on bands from the pattern. In retrospect, I should have cut off the seam allowances of the neckline and keyhole, at least right at the area where they insert into the clasp. As you can see, they are all bunched up in there, and getting them in was a bit challenging. 
Since Myra chose a solid pink for her fabric, I added a little stretch piping (from Sew Sassy) to make it a little more interesting. I sewed it between the yoke seams on front and back, then sewed up the side seams. The piping matched up beautifully with just a little basting. I am very pleased.
Myra gave it a workout in the living room and says she likes it. We'll see how it performs on Monday at the gym, but for now I think we have a winner!
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Lori said...

Super cute!

Sarahbelle said...

It's wonderful!!!

JustameR said...

I really like the piping. It breaks it up nicely. Adorable!

Beth said...

I love the details of the stretch piping & keyhole back. Great job.

sewVery said...

Stinkin' cute! My daughter needs an outfit like that for dance class now that it is getting colder. Honestly, I've never thought about making her one myself until now!

Sandi said...

I've been hitting this pattern hard and just blogged about it a few days ago. I too found dealing with the keyhole back to be tricky. I like view A best, stays put well too.