Friday, August 17, 2012

Technical difficulties

It was brought to my attention by a couple of readers that those of you who view my blog in Internet Explorer were having trouble pulling it up and leaving comments.
Since I don't use IE ever, I'd never have picked this up on my own, so I really appreciate those who clued me in to the problem. I tried to pull up the blog on IE and I hung the browser several times. I never did get it to fully load, so I can see that there is a serious issue here. I switched it over to Dynamic Views (which I do not love), and it seems to be working better/faster for me on IE9. I can leave comments on IE in this format, so hopefully this will work for y'all as well. Please let me know how it performs for you, particularly if you've had problems in the past!

For those who may be in the market for another web browser, I use Google Chrome, and I love it. It is fast and streamlined and it works well for me. I know there are many who like Firefox, and I find it to work well also. Both of these browsers are free and IMHO work much better that IE in pretty much every way.


  1. I can read this with no problems, Katie. What it was doing before was freezing the screen when I clicked through from Google Reader to leave a comment. The page would reload and then freeze again.

  2. Yeah. It worked. I wondered why sometimes I could pull up your page, and sometimes only view in my Google Reader. Thank you.

  3. I can read it today with no problem, Katie. I will try Google Chrome since you make it sound good.

  4. I am still amazed at the amount of people that use IE, I used Firefox for years, but found a loved Chrome when it came out. So i am about to add another item for you lol I read blogs through Google Reader, then come to the site when I want to comment, and generally I am on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet. When I came to your site my Tablet default android browser would not let me access comments, but my downloaded Firefox browser would. Technology, keeping us on our toes!

    1. Funny! I do the same with my reader on my iPhone. So far no trouble with Mobile Safari, thank goodness. I hear Google has produced a version of Chrome for Mobile devices. I need to try that out...

  5. Thanks to your suggestion, I d/l Chrome and have it all set up. Quicker, easier and no issues. Thanks so much.