Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ottobre 02/2005-20

The first tee I finished for Kitschy Coo's "Make it in a Metre" series was Logan's pieced tee.
Although there is snow on the ground outside, Logan specifically requested a short sleeve tee, so I went on the hunt through all of my Ottobre magazines. I didn't really have a specific look in mind (other than short sleeves!) but I kind of thought I wanted raglan sleeves, and I sort of wanted to do some piecing for this one. Then I ran across this design in the 02/2005 issue, and I knew it was the one.
How fun is the swoosh across the front? I love that the red panel carries over to the back and that the sleeve matches the front panel it attaches to. I wish I could say I had cut the correct sleeve the first time through. Fortunately, the sleeves are small and my error didn't cost me. This was kind of a pain to trace and sew, since it has to be a single layer layout with each piece cut once, but that also meant I could be very economical in cutting my precious astronaut jersey. The coordinating fabrics are a cotton-lycra jersey from Fabric Mart (the white) and a cotton rib knit from Joann (the red). The curves in the piecing weren't exactly easy to sew, although since the fabrics are nice and stretchy, it wasn't too big a deal. I just had to be careful not to stretch the seams out as I sewed them. In the end, Logan is happy with his new (short sleeve!) shirt, and so am I.


  1. The swoosh is really fun--actually it really goes with the flow of the astronaut jersey.

  2. This is so nice. Love the way you've used the astro jersey. Well done . It's a shame my kids are grown and no grandchildren yet.
    Brenda in the Boro

  3. This is an adorable pattern and you did a fantastic job with the fabric combination!

  4. That's great!!
    The pants look like a perfect colour match, too.

    He looks very pleased with it -- which, really is all that matters!

  5. You have been busy! I think this one is my favorite--love the colorblocking, I never would have thought of it for a boy.