Tuesday, March 13, 2012

McCalls 6203

My original plan for "Make it in a Metre" was to make tees for the kids, perhaps an applique or two with the scraps. Once I finished cutting out the kids' tees, and a couple of pair of underwear, I found myself with a rather big rectangle of unused fabric. Big enough to wrap around my hips, in fact. But not particularly long. Not being much of a minskirt girl, I decided that a dolman sleeve top with a hem band would be fun, and not too childish in the astronaut print.
I used McCalls 6203 for the top. It is a very simple pattern, but it was the basic shape I was looking for. The pattern calls for raw edged bands at the neckline and sleeve, which I actually did. It looks kind of cool, but the band sticks up a little at the neckline. Not my favorite look. I took in the side seams quite a bit to get some waist definition, as the pattern is a big rectangle with sleeves. That said, the end result is fun and I like the crazy waistband. The kids thought it was so cool that I matched them. I think it's awesome that they still think that is cool. Wonder how much longer that will last?


  1. It's a little childish -- but, that's okay, since it matches your own kids.

    It is VERY cool that the babies want to dress like you!!

  2. Ah, but you are cool even when you're not matching them. I'm still in awe that you got all of this out of 1 meter! Brava brava.

    I'm sending you some bloggy love in the way of a Versatile Blogger award. You can pick it up here: http://emadethis.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/i-am-not-a-robot
    and then pass it along. Happy Tuesday!

  3. I love that you used the last little bit for yourself...using it as a band was genius! No matchy match for your husband?;)

  4. Oh!
    Astronaut Mitch!!!

    Oh, please -- oh, please -- oh, please!!!!!