Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Whisker relief!

A big thank you to Tanit-Isis and Anonymous! I think I fixed that pesky front crotch curve.
Better, yes? Here is how it looked before.
So, Tanit-Isis got me thinking about the shape of the curve, but I wasn't sure what to do about it. Anonymous (who are you? You are a genius!) pointed me it the direction of the Savvy Sewer Salon over at Sawyer Brook Fabrics. Jennifer Stern had hosted a couple of sew alongs and addressed several fit issues, including this one (You'll find that thread here.). When the wee one went down for a nap, I decided to give it a try. It worked! And it only took about a 1/8 inch change to totally change the fit of these pants.
The original stitching line is in red, with the new stitching line in tan. You wouldn't think that teeny change would make any difference at all, but it did and I am thrilled!!

Thank you both for commenting and getting my mind working!!


  1. Wow - amazing what that small revision did. I'm having trouble locating the exact site where you found this in the 3 links you posted. Can you be a little more specific? I'd love to take a look. Thanks!

  2. @ Home's Jewels - I edited the post to add the link to the specific thread, but here it is as well

  3. Wow, what a fantastic fit and such a small change. You're making me think I could actually be happy with fitting pants some day.

  4. Fabulous fit! And thanks so much for the resource help. One of these days I'm going to work on fitting pants. Hope I can get as close to as good a fit as yours.

  5. Oh, so glad you got it tweaked! (Though I don't think I did much!) Hmm, off to check out those links...

  6. Good deal Katie! Tweaking pants can be so tricky. Glad you resolved your issue:)s