Monday, November 7, 2011

Simplicity 8170

I'm trying to clean up a few UFOs before I start in on my jacket. I cut out these PJs for Myra last month, but then I got going on Halloween costumes and so they sat, just waiting to be sewn up.
The pattern is Simplicity 8170, published in 1977. I hesitate to call it vintage, since I was "published" in 1977, but there it is. Anyway the pattern includes a robe, long sleeved nightgown, short sleeved PJ top and one seam PJ pants. I made the PJ set, but with the long sleeves from the nightgown.
The crazy interesting print was chosen by Myra. It has all of her favorite things - pink, cats, flowers, hearts. She loves it. It is cotton flannel from Nuttall's Sewing Center.
The pattern has some really nice detail, as you might expect from a pattern of that era. The neckline is bias finished, and the yoke seam on both views features a decorative element. I chose to insert embroidered eyelet lace into the seam. I thought it was interesting that the pattern only instructs you to add lace or ric rac to the front, and omits anything on the back. Do you think this was for economical purposes or for comfort in sleeping? Myra is a belly sleeper, so she got lace on the back.
The closures are a pretty touch; two buttons with thread loops. Myra chose these satin buttons from my stash, and I actually made the thread loops. I know, handwork. They seem really flimsy, but they held up to Myra yanking on them getting dressed and undressed. We'll see.
I did make one major oopsie on the pants. The pattern calls for an elastic casing, but I never do that. I prefer to apply elastic in the round with my serger, then flip it under and stitch it down. I wasn't paying attention when I serged on the elastic, and I put it on the right side, so when I flipped it in, the elastic was exposed. I hate unpicking serged elastic, so it stayed. Myra doesn't care, so neither do I.
I got these fuzzy jammies done, just in time, since this is what our house looked like in the morning.
Our first real Utah snow!! It's a good thing I've been been busily sewing fleece.
Snowballs are cold, but quite tasty, I'm told.


  1. I use hair elastics from the dollar store in lieu of making hand crocheted loops. You just cut the hair elastic and enclose in seam. It works great.

  2. Myra will have sweet little dreams in those cute PJs. I imagine the kids just loved all that snow!

  3. Cute jammies.
    I was shopping for my brother's 40th b-day last week and saw a card that said, "You're not old, you're vintage."

  4. Oh, I like the hair elastics idea. I've done the thread method and the narrow trim method but, like you said, it seems flimsy.

    My first thought is that of course a 1977 pattern is vintage! But on second thought, that would make ME vintage!

  5. Ah, your first real snow. Snowballs are quite tasty, as I'm sure the kids will tell you many times this winter! Just try to deter them from bringing in snowballs to store in the freezer, because they very quickly become ice balls. I have experience in this area.

    Cute jammies, and just in time! I wonder why they didn't suggest the long sleeves, since winter did exist in 1977?

  6. These are so adorable. My boys are dying to see the snow! If Haleakala gets any this year, I think I will take a drive up just so they can make snowballs too :)