Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ottobre 06/2009-3 and McCalls 6223

I know, more baby sets, but I had to show you this tee!  The pants aren't very exciting.
But first, a brief rant...  I made the pants on a whim. I had totally forgotten about this fabric, and when I saw it, had to make it into pants instantly.  You know how it is...  Anyway, while the background looks white, it is actually a very pale cream, so a white top looks strange with it.  I went looking for a black baby onesie/tee.  It's Halloween!  Surely someone has black baby clothes!!  Nope.  Seriously, are parents who don't sew just doomed to have babies wearing pastels until the age of 2???  So, I needed to make a black tee.
The pattern is Ottobre 06/2009-3, which is actually for a full jumpsuit, but I cut it off to make a tee.  A BLACK tee!!
I added a paw print applique.  I'm so pleased with the neckline binding on this top.  Instead of stitching it to the right side and then flipping it over and stitching it down, I stitched it to the wrong side, folded it to the right side and tucked under the raw edge.  Then I top stitched with a twin needle.  I know black is hard to see, so you'll just have to take my word that it looks amazing!

Oh, and the pants are McCall's 6223, which is a good basic baby layette pattern.  As with all Big 4 baby patterns, it's gigantic, but otherwise fine.  Apparently it has been recently reissued with a new number.  My copy is labelled number 3665.

I hope all who are celebrating have a Happy Halloween!!!


  1. you are going to have the best-dressed little one in the state! And great tip on the neckline binding.

  2. Having recently (accidently) sewn a neckband to the right-side and folded it to the wrong side, I am admiring your handiwork. I like the top stitching with the twin needle too.

    Its a very cute set. I'm surprised that there aren't more black baby clothes around ... apart from looking really striking, they disguise the banana and avocado stains so well!

  3. One word K. Adorable!! How much fun is having Halloween with Toddlers!

  4. Binding looks fab, I do it that way sometimes too :) I loved dressing J & M in black clothes but Steven didn't!

  5. Yeah, I don't get the whole "babies in only pastels" thing. My mom is very against little babies in black clothing, but I think she is just old-fashioned. Love your little black tee - so cute with the matching pants!

  6. A few years ago we did a family photo shoot with extended family and everyone was supposed to wear a black shirt. At the time I had a one year old and trying to find a black shirt in the middle of summer for a baby was insane! I did finally locate one after searching at least 6 stores. This was before I picked up sewing again, otherwise I'd have made one.

    Your's looks great and I love the paw print detail.

  7. THose pants are anything but boring! That's a rad t-shirt too and I sense that rock t-shirts are just around the corner for the Wee Professor!