Monday, October 11, 2010

FO: Edelweiss neckwarmer

I know it seems like I'm knitting a ton, but really, I'm cheating by doing quick projects.  Also, Logan doesn't nap anymore, so my afternoon sewing time has been converted to afternoon knitting time.

Anyway, I found this beautiful Angora Bamboo yarn on clearance, but they only had two 80 yard skeins.  I bought them both, then had to find a pretty project that didn't take much yarn.
This is the Edelweiss neckwarmer by Susanna IC.  My Ravelry notes are here.  It is a horizontal variation of the classic feather and fan lace pattern, but worked in worsted on size 10 needles, which makes it less lacy, but more warm and snuggly.  If you follow Elaine at the Selfish Seamstress, you'll recognize this pattern, as she just finished an utterly stunning version of the traditional pattern worked vertically.  In her usual unselfish way, she also provided the pattern on her blog.
I admit that I chose this pattern partly because I wanted to dip my toes into a simple lace pattern, and I had enough yarn.  In retrospect, I'm glad I did.  I love the way it feels.  The yarn is soft and drapey and the lacy pattern gives it a lot of give.
The curves of the pattern really mold to the body and are snuggly against the side and back of the neck.  Very useful for something designed to keep one warm!  I'm looking forward to enjoying this very much if it ever gets cold.  Also, it will look quite fetching with the nearly matching Gretel beret my sister knit me last Christmas!
Isn't her cable work amazing??  See why she is my knitting idol?!


  1. That's some great knitting, Katie! I'm taking a knititng workshop for two days, beginning tomorrow. I can't wait to see what we'll be learning. Your costume in your last post is beautiful! Have fun with it!

  2. Wow, more power to ya! Knitting is beyond me - I can crochet and have serious ADD at it. I have many projects started and never seem to finish but I have been serious enough about a granny hex shrug that I am almost to the stage of basting it to see how it will fit.

  3. I really like that. Good job, Katie! My mil was teaching me to knit during a period where we were getting along, but then she had to return to The Fifth Circle of Hell.

  4. Gorgeous knitting - you are definitely inspiring me to pick up some needles:)

  5. Gorgeous neckwarmer, and beret too! You are really so fast at everything - I'm surprised you haven't gestated that baby in half the time of us normal women!

  6. The color and your knitting is beautiful!! Wonderful job!

  7. Great blog!

    I hope you can help me with the Edelweiss neckwarmer. I just finished it and, maybe I'm just too fussy, but I don't like the partial scallop on the cast on sides of the pattern. Is there any way to fix that or to avoid it? Or to add a bit that will round out that seemingly unfinished piece? I guess if I put buttons to cover those little "peninsulas: it would help but that would be a last ditch saving and almost perfect pattern.

    Does anyone else see it this way? If you look at all the people who knit posted their projects on Ravelry almost all arranged their neckwarmer so as NOT to show those little appendages. A couple did. The first one on the top left on the first page did - and a few others but most did not show that.

    Thanks for your patience and hoping for any ideas,