Tuesday, October 5, 2010

FO: Coronet hat

As a little break from the medieval sewing, I thought I'd throw in some knitting.  Besides, I'm tired of posts with no people in them!
I wanted to try out some cables, and my sister recommended this pattern, the Coronet hat by Alexandra Virgiel.  Rina is my idol in all things knitting, so I listened to her.  Of course, she was right.
It was fun to knit and the cables went very easily.  Here are my ravelry notes.  I did make one error and cabled front when I should have cabled back.  The first time I caught it right after I had done it and ripped back, but then I did it again!  And didn't catch it until I was nearly finished.  I wasn't willing to rip out six pattern repeats and Myra will never know, but you can see the wonky cable at the front of her head.
The other fun new thing I learned with this hat was how to do a provisional cast on and to graft with kitchener stitch.  I definitely need some practice with those skills.  I did not take a picture of that side of the hat.
Myra loves her new hat, and wore it all afternoon.  It even looks cute with her jammies.
Logan had to try it on, too.  On him it is more of a cable yarmulke...


  1. "I did not take a picture of that side". hahaha!!! It's adorable. I cannot knit, but I wish I could! My brain protests every time I try to add a new hobby at this point. ;)

    ps...I can't even see the wonky when you pointed it out!

  2. That's a lovely hat. Congratulations

  3. Wow, that looks fantastic!! I tried to learn to knit once, but it was a terrible disaster, so I admire anyone who can do it without throwing it across the room. Great hat!

  4. I love it!
    My grandmother knit me a beautiful afghan with cables . . . add it to my list of things I'd like to learn.
    You were smart to do it on a hat and not a giant afghan. (Note to self).

  5. Wow!! Fantastic Hat! I love it - You are inspiring me to take up knitting:) No kidding, I just reviewed some "learn to knit" videos on youtube....

  6. What a beautiful little hat - I really like the colour. When I see sweet things like this, I really wished that I could knit properly. (I bet your wonky cable looks a hundred times better than my awful stocking stitch!)

  7. Really cute and I love the color.