Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BWOF 02/2009-117

It's funny, I got this BWOF issue for the boat neck top, but I haven't even traced it yet...  I FINALLY finished the capris that have been on the machine for over a week.  Things have been moving really slowly around here lately.
I've been wanting a pair of jeans style capris this length for some time, but I haven't been sold on the shapes I've seen until I ran across style 117 in this BWOF.  They're far too long, (easy enough to fix!) but they had the close fitting shape I was after and I like the cool not-quite-welt pockets.
Here is a slightly overexposed shot so you can actually see the pocket.  Interesting, eh?  They are in exactly the right spot for my hands to naturally fit in them and the opening is wide enough to actually be useful.  And they look cool.  I'm not sure they are the most flattering though.  The top bit hits me right where my hips are widest and may not be doing much for me there.
Speaking of unflattering...  Wow, look at how high the waist is!!!  Mitch laughed at me when he took this picture and said it looked like I was wearing Rocky Mountain jeans.   I guess I know what I'll be wearing to rodeo next year...  Kidding actually, I'm pretty sure I will NEVER be tucking anything in to these.  The fit also isn't great, but to be honest, I did absolutely nothing to make that happen, so fair enough.  I did give myself a tiny bit of extra space on the side seams by sewing a 1/2 inch SA instead of the 5/8 I had marked.

I really enjoyed having two sewing machines for this project.  I set up the Singer to do the construction (and she whizzed through the 10 layers of denim at the side seam like it was no big deal) and Janome did the topstitching.  It was really nice not to have to change the thread every time I needed to topstitch!


  1. yee haw. I expect to see you at the Ranch Round Up in August. ;-)

    Actually, these are cute, er, with the top untucked. So I'd be pretty proud of them and wear them a lot.

  2. The pocket details are awesome! No one will know how hight he waist is with an untucked shirt! Nice job!

  3. They're really cute, but I see what you mean about the back. I think you will wear the heck out them all summer.

  4. You did such a nice job stitching those pockets. I have a second machine - keeping it around in case my daughter ever wants to learn to sew. I never thought to use it for topstitching - or anything else for that matter! It has been in storage in one of my closets all this time!! Now you've got me thinking where can I set it up in my sewing room!

  5. Well done on those pants - you made a gorgeous job of those pockets and I love your use of top stitching and rivets. The fit looks pretty amazing to me I don't know what you are talking about!

    I didn't like these pants on me at all because I thought they did odd things to me proportionally - I think they look much better cropped to just below the knee as you have them.

    Because I am so top heavy, I often look for designs to broaden out my base a little - but on me they just didn't work, of course I made a poor fabric choice, but now that I see yours I realise it was probably the final length that was off.

  6. Nice work, I love the pocket detail, yeah untucked will be really nice ..

  7. I really like those pockets! maybe you can work them in as a detail into a pant that you like the rise of better?

  8. Yeah, those pockets are pretty awesome. I agree about possibly working that detail into another pair of pants that with a rise that is more comfortable to you.