Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Me Made May

I ran across this post on the Colette Patterns blog, and I thought it would be super fun to join in!
Click here for full details, but the short version is that for the month of May, I'm going to attempt to dress only in clothing (other than underthings, shoes and socks) that I have crafted myself, and document my progress here on the blog.  I might even get the kids in on the fun.  Obviously, I'll still be crafting new things, so there will probably be quite a few quick photo posts and combo posts, but I think this will be a great way to get some of my handmade goodies out of the closet, not to mention encourage me to Be Cute Everyday!  Want to play along?  Click on the link and sign up on Zoe's blog.  You know you want to...


  1. I read about that on another blog and thought it sounded like such a great idea. I can't wait to see your outfits for the next month. :)

    I would be there with ya, but I just haven't been sewing long enough or been productive enough to have even a week's worth of outfits. Heh. Maybe next year.

  2. And, my Elvis costumes, I don't think, count as clothes:)

  3. I'd love to join you but I don't think I can wear two dresses, one skirt, and one wrap for the next month alone. Plus, I don't think I can break my addiction to designer jeans. However, I love this idea. And, might I add - YOU are quite the seamstress and will have an almost full closet of fabulous to draw upon!

  4. Wow what a challenge. Look forward to seeing you bring out of the closet.