Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ottobre 01/2009-25 "Nopsa"

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts on my mini wardrobe plans.  I think the solids (and the pinstripe - not a solid!) will be good and versatile, but if a cute print in a lavender/blue jumps at me, I may change my mind...

Logan's Easter ensemble is complete, so now I can get back to my selfish sewing.  Hee-hee.
These are to go with his Thomas the Train shirt that I made last week.  They are the "Nopsa" pants from the 01/2009 issue of Ottobre.  They use the same basic pant pieces that the "Teku" pant that I made him for Valentine's Day, which was great since I knew they fit and I wouldn't have to trace them off again.  The difference between the two is pocket style and placement, as well as a few belt and tool loops.  There were also supposed to be knee pads on this version, but since these are church pants, I left them off.
Here is the back.  I messed with the saturation so that you could see the pockets.  The color is actually a dark navy.  Aren't those nested back pockets cool?
Up close.
The other pocket is pretty sweet as well.  The front pocket curves over the side seam and becomes the upper  back pocket.

Next up is a Great White shirt for me, and I need to get to tracing and altering patterns for the Mini Wardrobe contest.  I can't start cutting fabric until the 16th, but I can get my patterns ready!


  1. Those pockiets are flippin' cute! You know, I just ccan never love Ottobre too much.

    (Oh and btw, "Printshop" who said to look for the lavendar/blue print? That was me. For some reason, my work google account was stuck on permanently "signed in"... oh Google. tsk tsk tsk)

  2. How cute are all those pockets? You could not find pants that cute in RTW. At any price.

  3. Great pants! Love the way the big front pocket becomes a belt loop. Very cute look.

  4. Cute! Cute! I know I've said it before but I just love that pants pattern and I've made it a bunch of times. The pockets are awesome!

  5. What cute pants! So many little details. You are a dedicated mom. For me, I would think "kids grow so fast. here is an elastic waist divided sack. enjoy."

  6. Love the pants!!!!

    Logan will make them look SO cute!!

  7. So nicely done! The pants are great.

  8. The more versions of these you sew, the more I love this pattern. Those nested pockets are really awesome. I agree with you that it can be hard to find boy clothes (patterns or RTW) that doesn't all look and feel the same, but these pants definitely break out of that mold. :)