Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For the snowbound...

Trena commented on my last post,
"Wow! What an impressive mail haul. But how are you getting mail delivery???? We haven't had any for several days."
Here it is - a picture from my sewing room window that I just snapped.  It's chilly (37deg F right now), but cloudless and sunny.  Here in Temple, we haven't seen snow in about 2 years.

Let me add the caveat that I am NOT a native Texan and this is the only time of year that I am happy with the weather.  A month from now I will be wishing for snow as I melt in the oppressive, humid heat, but right now, it is just about right.

I am praying for those of you that are snowbound though, and hoping that you have power for your sewing machines and food to keep you sewing.


  1. When we moved here 2 months ago WV got the worst snow in 10 years. Oddly enough every time it snows the West Virginians freak out. Wal-mart was a mad house last weekend. I hate being stuck in the house, but I really really hate TX summers so I'm going to adjust.

  2. LOL, this is me being totally dense. I assumed the "MD" in your name meant "Maryland," when in fact it is about you being a doctor! Carry on.

  3. Aaaaa-Hah! Bloggers really SHOULD post their geographic location - it provides invaluable context to their sewing! Your grandma's pearls are TDF (to die for - another acronym for your list, BTW - by the way)