Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sneak Peek

Today has worked out to be a serious sewing day!!  I feel like I am catching up a little after my week "off".  Anyway, here is a little peep at the bodice as it stands.
Wouldn't this pattern make an adorable jacket!  I totally love it!

Obviously I still have quite a bit to do, but I am excited to say that the lining went in without a hitch!  I really appreciate all of the feedback about the bow.  I think y'all are right and the bow really is an integral part of the design, so I'm putting it on.  As Mary Nanna said - I'll wear it on my "bow days"!

So, now I just have to work the buttonholes and put all the pieces together!  Home stretch!


  1. It's adorable, Katie! and yes, it would make a smashing jacket!

  2. That absolutely WOULD make a cute jacket. I would bring each front into a point, like a vest and go for it!

  3. My favorite part is your happy smile in the photo! It is lovely and obviously you are please with how it is turning out. Looks great!

    In happy news here I put on my first pair of jeans (post baby) and thought . . . "Someday I would like to sew a pair of jeans like Katie." Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. This is coming together beautifully!!! I really love the fabric. If you can get more it would make a great jacket. I'm glad you decided to go with the bow.

  5. You have done a lot of work, even while under the weather! Yes, this would make a cute jacket. If you get tired of the bow and skirt, you can take it apart and rework the top into a jacket!
    Don't you just love Mary Nanna's blog? She cracks me up everytime I go there.