Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sew Chic!

Look what I won!

It's an original design from Sew Chic Patterns.  I love the shape and the retro vibe it has.  Did you click on the link to see her other patterns?  I'm also in love with the Southern Belle.  Give me a big swishy skirt and the raglan sleeves are so fun!  Actually, I think all of Laura's designs are amazing!!  Be sure to bug her to get the Fantasia going.  Isn't is fabulous?

Ooh, but what shall I make this out of???  Pink and brown wool herringbone?  Black and white tweed?  I need to re-explore my stash.  What would you do?


  1. Congratulations! I like the herringbone idea. It would stay with the retro vibe. Can't wait to see it made up! Get to work!

  2. pink and brown with a brown velveteen bow (if that would work).

    I really like her "Constance" pattern, if I had the figure for it I'd go for that one! SB is nice too though! And Pendelton, and... LOL

  3. Lucky you! She has some nice designs. I hope to see more off her drawing board!

  4. That is really cute!! I had not heard of her until this post. I like the Pendleton Design - I like the sheath look of it with that flair at the bottom! Too cute!! Let us know what you think of the pattern drafting and fit and such!