Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kwik Sew 2881

We're starting 2010 off with a bang by using a new fabric (Spandex!) with a new pattern.  I've only sewn one Kwik Sew prior to this and it was vintage, so this is my first modern Kwik Sew.  I have to start by saying that I hate that "Kwik" is spelled incorrectly.  It hurts me to type it.  So, going forward I will abbreviate it as KS so as not to further injure my spelling sensibilities (and because I love abbreviations!)

Despite the poor spelling of the brand name, this is a fabulous pattern.  Mitch has had problems finding running shorts that don't abrade certain delicate areas.  Generally the problem is seams at center front and in the crotch.  This pattern has no seam at CF (it's cut on the fold - that is one weird looking pattern piece!) and has a single panel that runs from hemline to hemline at the crotch, so no seams!  It was also a really quick sew.  There are only 4 pattern pieces, although they are assembled in sort of a strange way.  The KS directions are excellent.  No troubles there.  Sewing with Spandex was new to me, as well.  I hauled out Sandra Betzina's More Fabric Savvy and followed her directions for needle type, thread and stitch type, which means that rather than using a zigzag as recommended by KS, I sewed with a triple stretch stitch.  It looks good and it will hold up to all sorts of stress!  For the waistband and leg bands, I used the triple zigzag to attach the elastic and sew down the casing.  These are some sturdy shorts!

Front view
Mitch declined to model these for you, although he looks pretty darn awesome in them, if I do say so myself.  We did have to make some fit adjustments, but they are adjustments that I typically make for pants for him, so no shockers there.  The length was good, which is a bit surprising, since I generally have to shorten his pants, but I did take 4 1/2 inches off of the top of the pant at center front (Mitch likes to wear his pants on his hips), so I think that may have affected the length.

Rear View
He wore them running already and has declared that they are "perfect".  I am a little bit more picky, but the only thing I plan to change for the next pair is to use actual swim elastic in the waistband and gripper elastic in the legs.  This pair was my "muslin", since I used the cheap Spandex and regular elastic on them.  My sister recommended Spandex World's Moleskin which is quite lovely and what I'll be using for the next pair.  I'll get going on those once the elastic arrives from Sew Sassy.


  1. Absolutely fabulous! Now you can sew yourself a swimsuit - it's the logical next step :)

  2. Nice! Here's one for your abbreviations listing: UFO: unfinished object. Don't all of us have a UFO somewhere in our sewing stuff? Happy New Year!

  3. Aww, no model? LOL These are cool! I am not a fan of KS "fashion" patterns, but they really excel at sport and excercise wear (which makes sense since they got their start with skatingwear). Nice work!

  4. Wow! Impressed- I would like to make some bike shorts and jerseys - this would be a good first step.
    BTW, don't worry about Kwik - it's probably the attorneys' fault - they recommend unique names for the trademark - you can blame them, most probably:) I have never like missed spelled words either! Though, I must confess I love the KS patterns!!

  5. I generally like KS patterns. Too bad your hubby is too modest to model those shorts! I see swimwear in the future!

  6. Smart shorts. My DH insists in running in the ugliest shorts the world has ever seen and he refuses to buy another pair. Sigh.

    When I worked in Spotlight here I found lots of women asked for 'Kiwi' Sew patterns, lol.

  7. The shorts look good. I used a Kwik Sew pattern for the first time yesterday - made a rain hat to match my coat. I then made a second one for my mom!! I also liked the directions and was impressed with the pattern.