Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Slightly random...

We had another awesome sewing group meeting last night! I wish I could show you some pictures, but I forgot my camera. We cut out many a skirt and wee dress, which we will start sewing at our next meeting in 2 weeks! Maybe I'll remember my camera for that...

So, what is keeping my sewing room busy? Well, I already told you about my Ren Fest plans, but a new opportunity has cropped up, which those of you who read my Mom and Sister's blogs perhaps already have heard about. My brother is getting married!!
Isn't Kali beautiful?! He totally scored! The wedding is set for the second weekend of October, giving mom and I about a month to make this dress.Mom will be making the bodice, and I will be making the skirt. Whew! That bodice looks like more than I can handle! I've been brainstorming exactly what I want to do for this skirt, and looking at patterns. Mom is WAAY ahead of me and already has the sloper constructed for the bodice, so I need to get going so that we can have our first fitting soon, which will be done here in Temple once Mom gets the sloper to me in the mail. The fact that the dress will be made in two separate cities, 5 hours from each other, for a bride in another city yet another hour away complicates matters just a bit, but we can do it!!

I am thinking that I will get this pattern for the skirt... It has the perfect shape.

and this one for the petticoat. This one looks like a fun corset pattern, too.


  1. That's going to be a beautiful wedding dress.

  2. you are a brave soul my dear. I'm excited to see this take shape. You future sis-n-law will be gorgeous in the dress....can't wait to see progress and see your discussions...

  3. I'm supposed to send the sloper to you?????
    I just put the first incarnation of it in the mail to Kali. There is some confusion, here. Unless there is some objection from the bride, or you come up with a better idea, I plan to totally construct the bodice, and the floating lining to which the skirt will be attached, then the floating lining will be attached to the bodice at the neck and armsceye. I guess that last step is up for grabs. maybe we should make Kali do it. Or Varina. Lets get more time zones involved in this!!!

  4. also: you don't need a pattern for that skirt. It's basically rectangles gathered and attached to the waist, then the overskirt split and embellished. Some simple measurements and math, and we'll have it done.