Thursday, September 17, 2009

The dress - skirt constructed

Whew! The skirt is all put together! It lacks a hem, since I need to mark it with Kali here, and a center back seam, since we are planning to install an invisible zip down the entire back, under the corset lacings, so that will be one of the last steps.
Here it is! (Aside, I'm tickled that it fits on my dressform - Kali is so slim!)
And here it is with the organza overlay. Once I have marked the hem for the skirt, I'll bind the overlay to match the finished skirt length in the satin binding I made.
Look, I got all sparkly! That satin leaves a trail when you pink it!I went over and over in my head what I wanted to do to finish the seams. I thought that french seams and bound seams might be bulky, but this stuff ravels like the devil, so I had to do something! After discussing it with mom, I elected to straight stitch and pink. (Myra is pointing it out for you.) If I'd been smart, I'd have just used my pinking shears to cut it out, but I'm not that smart.

Next up - the petticoat!

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