Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ren Fest sewing, Part 2: Pirate coat the second - done

Since I don't have the fabric for Kali's dress yet, I went ahead and finished Lily's coat. Other than the size changes I made, I also remembered to put the gold trim the whole way round the hem of the coat, which I forgot on Myra's.
I also decreased the sleeve cap by about 1/4 inch, tapering to nothing at the ease dots. On a sleeve that small it was a pretty big change, but there was still plenty of fabric to ease there. No gathers this time, though, so it was enough. I also didn't do a double folded hem. I overcast the hem edge and folded it under once. Definitely easier, but not as pretty. I resigned myself to the fact that this pattern is a costume and drafted to be a costume.

I still need to make the hats and some white tops for underneath. I was thinking some sweet little peasant blouses would be perfect and in keeping with the pirate theme. That way, even if the girls don't want to wear the coats, we can just tie a sash around their waists and they'll still look like wee pirates.

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  1. Very cute! Good idea for the peasant shirts. My kids wouldn't keep coats on for anything.