Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ren Fest sewing, Part 1:Pirate skirts

Well, it seems that I need to get myself in gear on these pirate costumes, as my sewing time just got a little more complicated. More on that later.

For now, I finished the skirts for my merry pirate band! Can you tell that the two fair maidens are VERY different in scale? Lily is long and lean and Myra is well, round.
This is a surprisingly nice pattern, considering that it is a costume pattern. There is a separate waistband cut on the cross grain, which is pretty cute. The pattern instructed you to gather the skirt into the waistband right sides together, then just fold it over and sew it with no edge finish, which is a bit shoddy in my mind, so I turned the edge under. Made for a nice tight casing! The pattern did call for this cute lace trim.
It is just pregathered lace and gold braid stitched above the hem. I like how it turned out! I stitched the gold on with invisible thread, which is the first time I had ever used it in my machine. Let me just say - that stuff is strong!! At one point the thread got caught on the spool and rather than breaking, it bent my needle! That gold braid ain't goin' anywhere, y'all.

Next, I've got a couple of red coats to make.

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  1. They are SO cute.

    Invisible thread is also nice on Cub scout uniforms when sewing on lots of patches, b/c you don't have to change threads to match the patches.
    (You'll need that info in about 5 years). Used it this morning for that very reason.