Sunday, September 6, 2009

The dress - Muslin complete!

The muslin for the skirt is finished and ready for the first fitting.
Seven and a half yards of ugly tiger printed cotton. Wow. It is such a lovely pattern. The seams are shaped beautifully and there are pleats in the back for fullness. I am pretty sure it is going to be too big, but better that than the alternative! It was the devil to lay out, though. I ended up doing it on the living room floor while the kids were napping. With only one exception, each piece has to be laid out in one layer, since they were all too wide to fit any other way. It was a bit time consuming.

I also put together a couple of "swatches" of satin bindings and edge finishes for Kali to look at and choose from. On the left is organza bound in satin bias tape and on the right is tulle. I think the organza is prettier and has a nicer drape, but Kali gets the final say! I also did a lettuce edge to show her, but I don't think it is as elegant as the satin binding.
Mom is going to put together some swatches of pearls stitched to the edge, since Janome and I don't know how to do that, nor do I have any pearl lying around, and she has supplies left over from my wedding dress. I did have to use polyester for the swatches, since that was all I can get in Temple and I didn't want to order silk just for swatches, although the dress will assuredly be made of silk rather than polyester. I HATE making bias binding out of polyester. It doesn't press worth a darn and I end up melting it every time. Gross. Get me some silk!

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