Sunday, September 13, 2009

The dress - update

Bet you're wondering what's going on with that wedding dress I'm supposed to be making, huh? Well, Thursday night my saint of a husband forced my protesting body into the car so that I could go wedding shopping without my usual two helpers. It was pure bliss to wander down the aisles of one of my favorite places - without the usual worries about grubby fingers touching the silks and tearing up patterns. I came home with many yards of beautiful white fabrics in all sorts of weights and types. We have satin, organza, taffeta - so wonderful!Here is some of the haul.
And here is the organza overskirt, draped over my ironing board. Isn't it sparkly!? I decided to start with the overskirt construction, since it was only 3 seams and the cheapest to replace if I completely futzed it up.
I can't get over how lovely this fabric is. I like sparkly things. Here is one of the french seams. Nice, eh? Since the fabric is so sheer (as you can see from the hand on the other side!), french seams are a must. It is also terribly slippery and ravels like crazy. I figure once I get done with this - the hard part is done. Satin won't be so bad!!

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  1. Your seam looks beautiful! It is always good to get the hard stuff finished first. Makes the rest seem like a piece of cake.