Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The dress - petticoat fininshed!

After the fitting this weekend I have a few things to tweak. I decided to tackle the petticoat first. Here it is - all finished and ready for the wedding!!
I was right about that waistband. It was too bulky. It was also too big, despite the fact that I cut it a size smaller than the rest on the petticoat. This pattern was terrible! I replaced the knit with a 1 inch wide grosgrain ribbon waistband that I just topstitched on. I added a little decorative stitch down the middle, both for fun and to add some stability.For the closure, I used a hook and eye sewn to the inside. Functional and streamlined.Even though it is just the petticoat, I am excited to have a little piece of this project all finished!

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