Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I love the library - usually

When I got on board to sew this wedding dress, I was naturally a little apprehensive. I've never taken on a project this big and this significant before. So, I did what I always do when I feel unprepared - I hit the library. Now, I nearly always pick up a sewing book when the kids and I take our weekly trips to the library, but this time, I brought home a haul.
I checked out every book they had on bridal sewing. Both of them.How awesome is that hat?!? Dates this book, hey?

Then I got a couple of old friends. I knew they would help me out, and they both already have.
These two were just for fun.
I picked up this one because while I've heard of her methods, I have never seen them in use.
And I think this may be why...
She has 43 separate measurements that you are supposed to take before you ever even put scissors to pattern. Pul-lease!! I will say, though, the book has an excellent easier way for assembling a welt pocket. Worth checking out of the library for that, at least. She also goes through her method for making what she calls a "couture" shirt, pant and jacket. The instructions are spotty and don't always make sense. I'm also a bit at a loss as to what is so "couture" about them. All in all, useful for welt pockets, but otherwise - not so much.

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