Sunday, September 20, 2009

The dress - second fitting

I know you are all wondering how the fitting went...

It was fun! Here is Kali in the skirt and bodice. Obviously, there hasn't been any trimming or finishing done, so this is a rough version of the finished article.
Mom is marking the neckline in this picture. The original pattern for the bodice is actually a corset pattern, so there were no sleeves and a low back and neckline. Mom had the job of raising the necklines and adding sleeves. She did an awesome job!Here is the back. The lacings are so pretty! I'm happy to say that the fit of the skirt was perfect. I was right about that knit waistband on the petticoat, though. It's bulky and had to go. I'll be replacing it with a simple grosgrain ribbon with a hook and eye. The fit of the petticoat was otherwise great.So we fit, then we went back to our machines to refine and get it just right!Dan and Kali had a rough night last night unloading her U-haul, so they took a nap. She was a serious trooper during all the pinning, marking and squeezing.

She's going to be such a beautiful bride!!


  1. I'm new to your blog. Your wedding dress saga is interesting. Good luck with that. It's a challenging roject.

  2. This is so exciting! You're both amazing! I'm so impressed.