Friday, September 25, 2009

The dress - overskirt

So, once I got going this binding wasn't all that bad and the overskirt is done!Here is the front. The hem on the underskirt is just pinned up, so it looks like it's sagging, but it won't once the dress is all together.
Of course, all the real action is in the rear. The overskirt is hand pleated into several small tucks to give it that rippling look. I tried several different arrangements and this one gave the best effect. The pleats are not pressed down since we wanted a very soft fold.
At a slight angle you can really see how the overskirt lies.
And here it is up close. I need to press the satin, but otherwise I think it is quite beautiful.

On a related side note, I used Metrosene poly sheen thread to attach the binding, as it blended well with the satin. That is a lovely thread!! It is beautifully silky, but quite strong. The slickness makes particularly great for gathering, as on the veil, without fears of thread breakage. What a great find!

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  1. This is amazing!! I have been following your dress and am just amazed!
    I thought I was great for (finally) figuring out how to make a dress for my little girl.