Monday, January 26, 2015

Patterns for Pirates Carefree Cardigan

On Thursday, Pattern for Pirates released a new pattern, which I had the opportunity to test!
And so I present the Carefree Cardigan! It is designed to be a semi-fitted, easy to wear topper that can bring some style to everyday, while remaining completely comfortable.
The pattern included several options, with 3 sleeve length and two varieties of bands, as well as a belted option. Mine is the 3/4 length sleeve with bands finishing all of the cardigan edges.
The fit is comfortable and perfect for layering. There is enough shaping through the waist for a ladylike look. The sleeves have plenty of ease to go over a long sleeve top.
The pattern is very versatile as far a fabrics go, and testers made their garments in everything from super thin sweater knits to bulky fleece. I went for a middle of the road weight with this ponte knit. It has a pretty metallic mini cheetah print, for a very subtle inclusion in Jungle January! The bands are a rayon terry from Mood. They're a bit heavier than the ponte, which gives the cardigan a nice drape.
The bands are attached with all seams enclosed in a flat felled seam, so the cardigan is very nicely finished on the inside. This is important, as the drapes do reveal the wrong side of the fabric, so take that into account when selecting your materials.
Overall, I'm very pleased with my Carefree Cardigan. It was fun and easy to sew and  it has definitely gotten a lot of wear on chilly days this winter! Pop over to Patterns for Pirates and get yours!


  1. Ooh, that drape is beautiful! And, THOSE SHOES!! I'm drooling over your footwear right now. Love it all!

  2. To be honest, I tried zoomin in to see your awesome shoes clearly. You have such amazing taste in style and fashion! And your hair is getting so long and lovely too! I sound like a stalker, and maybe I am a little bit? But a friendly nice one, I promise! This pirate cardigan looks warm and cozy, and not of your typical style. It has dramatic lines and excellent drape, and in all black you can't go wrong.

  3. Your cardigan looks so luxurious! Everything is quite lovely!

  4. Oh my all I can see is the frozen fountain! The cardi looks nice too.