Friday, December 19, 2014

Cowl neck Bimaa

I wear my Renfrews a lot, so Myra sees the cowl neck, cuffs and waistband style on me often, and has several times requested a top "like that".
A couple of months ago I made her one. For some reason have only now photographed it. She wears it all the time, just the camera/good lighting/other kids occupied stars have never aligned. Finally I just decided to take some pictures, even if they aren't super great. Better to have blogged bad pics than never to have blogged at all...
Of course, the natural kid Renfrew is the Bimaa Sweater by LouBee Clothing. It has all the elements of the Renfrew that Myra was looking for - long sleeves, cuffs and waistband, and a nice big, shapely cowl.
Just for funsies, I used the solid coordinate fabric for the underside of the cowl, as well as the cuffs and waistband. The fabrics are both from Girl Charlee. They were supposed to be a Pinny Pinafore for me. How does that kid talk me into this stuff??
I love the fit of the Bimaa on Myra. It's a great length and fitted enough to look nice, with enough ease for play and comfort.
Myra loves her  new (ish) Bimaa. It's comfy and pink, which are the two major requirements for her wardrobe. Bonus that she can match  me without random strangers telling us how cute we are.


  1. This is so cute! Yesterday I was making a top for my daughter and then the hem didn't work so I thought of my Renfrew and chopped off the bottom and did the band and then did the same with the cuff for the sleeve! I have not seen this pattern before and really like the hood and neck options, so I will have to get that. Thanks for reviewing this!

  2. The contrast fabric on the cowl is cute!

  3. This is really cute. I didn't realize it goes up to size 12. I think I will get it and make some for Nat.