Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kitschy Coo Skater Dress - maximized

Myra has been begging me for months to make her a dress that "goes to the floor", and since she sees me wearing maxi dresses all the time, she was losing patience with me.
Little did she know that while she was sleeping I measured her and lengthened the Kitschy Coo Skater dress to maxi length...
For Myra (who is a petite nearly 6 year old) I added 10 inches to the length of the 5Y/6Y size to get to maxi length. I split the addition in two - adding 4 inches in the body of the skirt and re-drawing the side seam line, then adding the rest of the length (6 inches) to the hem and extending out the side seam, maintaining the flare from there to the hem.
At first, my little princess wasn't thrilled with the ankle length of the skirt. She wanted it to sweep the floor when she wore her high heels!
But in the end, she finds this length a little more practical for vanquishing ninjas and riding her scooter. These are very important princess activities.
The fabric I used is a very soft printed interlock that was given to me by a friend. I wasn't positive Myra was going to love the print, but since this was something of a wearable muslin, I thought I'd give it a go and see. It turns out that she LOVES it. She's in luck because I have at least 4 more yards of it.
Well, it's definitely a success, so once we get settled in Tennessee, I'm going to use it as a base for an Elsa dress. Don't tell Myra!


  1. Swooshy dress! So cool, perfect for vanquishing ninjas by fooling them you're a harmless pretty princess. Love it.