Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The LouBeeClothing Shandiin is HERE!!!

Y'all! I have been just biting my tongue to keep this adorable pattern under wraps, but today I get to tell the world! The Shandiin is here!! You can also pick it up here.
When Sarah asked me if I would be able to test this one, I had to think about it for approximately a millisecond. And that was just to decide how many I was going to make.
For the record, there have been 4. So far. There will be more. Myra loves these tops, and so do I.
So, the details. Shandiin is a tank style top or tunic (I even made one into a dress. More on that soon.) with a beautiful keyhole back. The pattern can have a button or snap closure in front, or just pull on like this one.
The back. I know, right?!!? I love it so much. This pattern is perfect for mixing fabrics - prints, solids, knits wovens - the sky is the limit!
For this Shandiin, I used hot pink bridal satin for the body and a leopard poly-cotton sateen for the trim. At Sarah's suggestion, I tucked some beaded fringe trim into the binding at the neckline. Myra LOVES this top. It fits her personality perfectly.
I mentioned that Shandiin offers two length options. This is the top length. The hem is finished with a shaped facing, which is another fun place to put your contrast fabric. I chose to flip the facing to the outside on this Shandiin, just for an additional pop of leopard print. There is also an elasticated option, which will be my next make...
Another feature of this pattern that is amazing is how clean the finish is. It is constructed it such a way that the only exposed edges or seams are the two seams in the body, which are basically straight, so they're so easy to make as french seams. I'm a serger happy sewist, and my poor serger barely got used for these makes. No need! The insides are gorgeous.
Can we talk about the fit though? Because - fantastic. Tank tops are prone to gaping and accidental nip slips, but not this one! Shandiin has nice snug, bias straps. They conform to the body without worry of exposure. The armhole is high enough for coverage, but close enough in that the straps don't slide down the shoulder. No fussing with this top. It is effortless to wear.
The shape through the body is an a-line. Nice and breezy for comfort, but not so full that you have to worry about it flipping up in a gust, or vigorous swinging.
This is the ideal playground friendly top. Even if you make it in satin!
Shandiin is pretty much the perfect top for summer. Myra wears hers constantly. She's actually wearing another version as I type this. (The pink one is in the wash.) It is sleek enough to wear under a sweater for chilly mornings, and just right as the weather warms up.
I hope I've convinced you that you need Shandiin! It really is an amazing pattern. Head over and pick it up now! And stay tuned. Next up, I'll show you the tunic length with a snap closure in front, then a lined dress!


  1. This top is soooo CUTE!! Oh, and how amazing to wake up to mountains everyday!

  2. Very cute. Your daughter seems to be growing by the minute!

  3. So, so cute!! It *almost* makes me wish I had a daughter to sew for...*almost*. ;-)