Friday, May 30, 2014

Jalie 2788 twist top

When I was visiting my parents in North Carolina over Christmas, all the girls went shopping in Asheville. For fabric, of course.
I brought home several lovely pieces, and this is the first to make it to the sewing table. Mostly because I've been kvetching over which pattern to use.
I hate it when I decide fabric is "too special" to use. Then it just gets wasted. I was determined this wasn't going to get wasted.
The pattern I finally decided on is Jalie 2788. I've used it once before here, and I love that top. This jersey is so much better quality than the one I used the last time, there was no way this wasn't going to be a big fat win.
This pattern is so pretty and the twist makes it super fun to sew. Even though I've made it once before, I still had to follow the directions for the twist. It makes no sense until you do it, and then it is like magic.
I really love the back of this top. That low scoop is so sexy, without being overt. It's the perfect depth for underwear coverage too. I can wear my regular old bra with this and nothing peeks out. Hey, can you see the center back seam there? Me, either!! That pattern matching was total serendipity. I cut this out with a blithe disregard for pattern placement.
Said disregard did result in a boob rose, but given the position of the rose and the busy-ness of the pattern, I think it still works. It's not going to stop me from wearing this. I love it.
I decided to pair it with my white Jalie jeans, so that the top could be the star. With this crazy rose/animal/stained glass print, I think it would overwhelm pretty much anything else.
This fabric really is divine though. I found it at House of Fabrics in Asheville. It is a viscose jersey, so it is divinely soft and drapey. Viscose jerseys can be thin in my experience, but this one is beefy and skims lightly, instead of clinging.
I'm so thrilled I got this fabric out of my stash and into my wardrobe. It's going to give me much more joy there. What beauties are you holding on to because they're "too good" to sew??


  1. You said boob rose. I totally didnkt notice until you pointed it out.

  2. Very cute, love that print!

  3. Pretty top! Unfortunately I'm holding into a ton of fabric!. Not because they're too special to use but because I have a hundred different projects running through my head at once and I keep switching gears, LOL.

  4. I love the top. That's it I'm getting the pattern. Great fabric and jealous about Asheville! You're looking fantastic!

  5. I LOVE this top! The fit is great and it looks wonderful on you. I didn't even notice the boob rose until you mentioned it--forget about it!

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  7. Not only is it a pretty top, but you wear it oh so well!

  8. Ann's Fashion StudioMay 31, 2014 at 10:19 AM

    Love it :)

  9. Charity Shop ChicJune 1, 2014 at 2:54 AM

    Another great make - you are on fire lately! I love the fabric. I am hoarding numerous pieces here for a rainy day. Some I have had for more than 5 years...eek!

  10. Oh man Katie, that fabric is awesome. The pattern pairing worked out perfectly. Personally I don't think the "boob rose" is noticeable because of all the things going on with the fabric. Wear it with pride. :)