Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Simplicity 5755: Tris gets all glammed up.

Mattel has capitalized for many years on the popularity of Hollywood (and Bollywood!) stars by releasing "inspired by" Barbies designed to look like leading ladies, pop icons and even the occasional historical figure. One of the latest Hollywood Barbies on the scene is Tris, from the movie Divergent.
I think Mattel did a fairly good job capturing the look of the actress Shailene Woodley in her face and coloring. The doll comes with the black outfit Tris wears as a member of Dauntless, but I thought she was so elegant that she needed a gown.
I pictured a long, gold backless halter gown with a train. Sometimes, having a very specific mental image can be problematic, but this time I think I achieved it.
I started with Simplicity 5755, and used the halter top pattern. I scooped the back lower and extended the side seams down to the length I wanted. Then sewed up version one... And version two...
Finally, after tweaking the length, the depth in back, the width everywhere, attempting (and failing at) some ruching and other minor changes, I finally had the look I wanted.
But it is a good thing Barbies don't need to breathe. Cuz we ain't got room for that nonsense.
The fabric is a sheer metallic mesh knit from Hancock Fabrics. I used it to make Myra's Merida costume. It's crazy itchy, but my model has vinyl skin, so she doesn't care. I didn't line it, as I like the glow it has.
I also made her belt, which is a necklace clasp and several very slim gold chains. Her bracelet and shoes were originally made by Mattel, but I added glitter. Everything is better with glitter. I got the hoop earrings from the Etsy seller, April Jewels.
I like it with the red shoes, too. Actually, I'm pretty pleased with the whole look! Now, who to do next... Katniss or Dana? Who would you like to see?


  1. :D They should seriously have you designing the Barbie wardrobe. Your outfits are amazing!

  2. Alright, alright, alright. Very classy and sexy. If I had plastic bewbs that defied gravity I'd want one too. Now I will chant, Dana, Dana!

  3. Whoo hoo pretty fabulous. I read the books and it's funny to see her in something so classy. Great juxtaposition. For that reason I vote Katniss next. One, I want to see her barbie version and two she had some great costumes..

  4. I love you Barbie outfits! They are fun and I love how you pose your Barbie and tell a story. They're a fun change in my blog reader. This Barbie is fun and glamourous!

  5. Another amazing dress. I vote for Katniss--she has your hair!

  6. p.s. I love the Eiffel Tower on the coffee table.

  7. I'm jealous. She looks fabulous!

  8. But it is a good thing Barbies don't need to breathe. Cuz we ain't got room for that nonsense..... Ha ha, that made me laugh! I would so wear that outfit!

  9. I've loved the Barbie outfits on IG but I hadn't clicked over for the fashion/maker's commentary. Glad I did. "...good thing Barbies don't need to breathe..." Lol