Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SwimAlong 2013: Strut your stuff!

Hey SwimAlong - ers! We're coming to the end of our series, but that doesn't mean you should stop sewing! I hope you'll continue to use the resources we've collected to make your swimwear sewing uncomplicated and fun.
Now it's time for those of you who have sewn up some fabulous swimwear to strut your stuff. Link up your pics or blog posts here and show us all what you've made! Since I know that many of us (myself included!) are still working on our suits, I'm going to leave the linky party open all summer. We'll close the links on the first of September. If you've sewn multiple items, please feel free to link them all. We love the inspiration!


Meigan said...

I've really enjoyed the Swimalong. I have made a few swimsuits already and I found a great tip here which I have already put into practice. It was to use wooly (or bulky) nylon thread in your bobbin when using your conventional machine as well as in the loopers on your serger.

Here are links to my suits:
Turquoise Jalie 3023

Daughters' Jalie 3134"

4 More Versions of Jalie 3134

AND I have made a swim shirt/rash guard for my youngest using a Tee shirt pattern. I haven't taken photos yet, but will very soon. :)

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe we're at the end! :)

sweary sewer said...

you're at the end & i've not started! :/ i'm getting an old t-shirt on saturday from a charity shop for my muslin, then i'm getting down to it. i have most of next week off work, so hopefully i'll finish it. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're leaving the link party up for a bit. I will get my swimwear made this summer...just not yet.

Unknown said...

Linky Party!!! Exciting, but, so far, my swimsuit has turned into a muslin. I have posted it in the Flick'r group. So, hopefully, I will have it 'tuned up' and will then post in the party. I'm excited to sift through everybody's else's in the meantime, though.

Angela said...

Katie, thanks for all the wonderful swimalong posts & to Lelia too, such an incredible resource. I wouldn't have been able to sew my swimsuits without that great info. I still can't believe I sewed swimwear, and that it was easy!
x Angela

Kirsty said...

Congratulations to you and Leila on all the swimalong posts. Learnt heaps - a great resource. And your bombshell is wonderful.

Kirsty said...

Congratulations on such a comprehensive sew along and WOW to your bombshell.