Monday, June 24, 2013

Sewing Cake: Hummingbird top - Green view

When Steph unveiled the Hummingbird pattern, at first I wasn't going to bite. I had made a peplum top that I don't love and I have a zillion skirt patterns, but the more I looked at it, the more I realized how much I loved all the details. So I jumped and ordered my pattern just days before the presale ended, which means I get to play along with the sewalong! Yay! Go, Violetear House!!
I started with the top. I was going to keep pace with the sewalong, really I was! But I got impatient to wear my top.
Although it wasn't something I initially noticed about this pattern, I really LOVE the neckline! It hugs the neck closely in back and along the shoulders, but has a demure, but sexy scoop neckline. 
The cloverleaf peplum was one feature that really drew me to this pattern, and it totally lives up to the hype. It falls gracefully and is so flattering. Mitch generally dislikes full skirted styles on me - says they make me look hippy - but he says this top is quite slimming. I also love the way it falls in gentle scallops. I actually thought I'd chop the peplum even once I had it sewn on, but I really like it this way.
The pattern uses Steph's creative customized sizing system, and I was very pleased with the fit. This hot pink is actually my second version, but I changed nothing between the two. So nice to have it fit right out of the packet!

This one is my first version. I made it out of a mauve poly/nylon crepe knit from FabricMart. It's kind scratchy and I really just wanted it out of my stash, but the color is really pretty, so I'll likely wear it a bit despite the fabric imperfections.
I made this one on Saturday. My In-laws came and took the monkeys so that I could sew. I finished up the Hummingbird skirt (which I will show you tomorrow) and then whipped up this top. Since I already had the pattern ready, it took about an hour and a half from cut to finish. Not too shabby! I made this one out of a raspberry pink rayon/lycra jersey from Spandex World. It's very soft and the color is really amazing.
So, Humminbird green is definitely a win for me. It's comfortable, classy, sexy and easy to sew. And both versions look awesome with my brocade printed jeans!


  1. Such a lovely colour of your fabric. I'm glad the peplum trend hasn't gone away yet because it's such a flattering look.

  2. The colour is gorgeous! You look really great in this top.

  3. Great top - very flattering and a lovely color on you,

  4. this might be bad commenting, but your bewbs look amazing in that top. also, those jeans are FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love your top but lets talk about the jeans. OMG Katie I need some cause they are beyond awesome. slobber, slobbber, slobber.

  6. I tend to agree with you, I have steered away from anything with a peplum, but I really like your top and your overall styling - you look fabulous ... you could have changed my mind about the peplum!

  7. Very nice! I'm most of the way through a Hummingbird Green top at the moment, and have been debating whether I like the shape or not, but after seeing your versions, I'm gonna persevere in the hope it looks at least a fraction as good as yours when I'm done!

    Also, I love that hot pink colour on you, looks fantastic. :-)