Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ottobre 01/2012-21 overalls

Duncan's next desperate wardrobe need was for pants. Since we lived in Texas when Logan was this age, we don't have many winter clothes to hand down, and while Duncan has tons of shorts, long pants are few and far between.
These overalls from the 01/2012 issue of Ottobre caught my eye when the issue came out. I love the 70s retro vibe they have and they look so cozy! Last year the smallest size was too big for Duncan, but this year they are just right!
The fabric I used is a stretch twill that was hanging out in my stash, provenance unknown. I only had a yard and a half or so, so it was perfect for small guy overalls. The color in the above pics is the most true. It is a military green, reminiscent (to me at least) of fatigues from the world war era. I used a cotton batik from Hancock for the facings and pocket linings.
These overalls have so many cute details!! I'm not usually a fan of a centered zipper, but that big zip front and center makes these. The topstitching is great as well. I used my Singer to topstitch, with Upholstery weight thread to make it pop.
Ottobre's instructions for inserting the zipper were great. It was all done by machine - no slipstitching the facing to the tape! And it is so clean on the inside. When I first read the instructions, I had no clue what they wanted me to do. I went forward with faith, and it came together perfectly, but there were a few moments... If you are making these, I posted a little picture on Flickr of what the facing assembly looks like. You can see it here.
The front pockets are lined, which is a nice easy way to get a clean edge, I used the same fun batik that I made the facings out of, and you can just see the edge peeking around the sides of the pocket.
In back is another set of patch pockets. The waist is snugged in with elastic and the straps are held in position with a little beltloop. I love the way this looks, but it is also very functional. The straps stay where they need to be without sliding off Duncan's shoulders.
We tested them out tromping around at the park, and they are awesome! I was worried that the slim fit in the leg would be troublesome for climbing, but not at all. He was all over the place, typical Duncan style.
When I put on his overalls yesterday to check the hem, I realized that the shirt I was planning for him to wear these with (a cute striped henley) was now too small. So I made him a quick raglan tee (Ottobre 04/2011-1, the Papana tee) in some leftover yellow interlock. Looks like shirts for Duncan are next up on the agenda...
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  1. Duncan looks darling in his new overalls and shirt. Great job.

  2. adorable. You make beautiful children clothes.

  3. I love all the clothes you make for you children.

  4. I just love a little guy in overalls. My boys all wore them; I felt it kept their little tummies warmer. In the dead of winter, I'd pop a sweater or sweatshirt over the whole outfit for a warmer toddler.

  5. He has stolen my heart :-) So cute in those overalls.

  6. Duncan is so cute in his overalls!

  7. Love overall for the little ones! Duncan is such a cutie.

  8. So sweet. Oh, Otto--you think of everything--the belt loop is such a smart detail.

  9. Cute overalls. You keep your children well dressed. Good mommy.