Monday, October 15, 2012

Sewing Summit 2012

Y'all, I have no words for the compete and total awesomeness that was Sewing Summit 2012. Seriously, I met amazing people, learned wonderful new things, and sewed like a mad fiend. I can't even describe how totally amazing the entire experience was, so I'm not even going to try. Hopefully, some of these pictures can express what I can't.
Thursday, I went shopping with these awesome ladies. Maria, Lisa, Heather, Melissa, me, Veronica and Carrie
Here is Sunni helping us get measured for our knit tops.
Here's my top! I'll tell you about it soon.
I got to take an amazing class on Sewing Special Occasion fabrics with the beautiful and graceful Sarai. She gave us this lovely swatch card and she signed my Sewing Handbook!
I met so many amazing women (and a couple of awesome dudes!) I miss you all!!
We spent a bit of time in here, doing what we all love best.
We hang out at dinnertime all around the city. Friday I had a blast with Deborah, Carrie and April. I'm a loser with the camera, so the photo is April's.
The swag. It's going to take a while to get my sewing room tidy again...
Even the trash was pretty! Carrie snapped this at open sewing night - every night the sewing rooms were open until 1AM! It was awesome!!
I had such an amazing time at Sewing Summit this year. I am so grateful to all of the wonderful people that worked so hard to make this happen, and particularly to my sweet hubby, who held down the fort at home so that I could have this incomparable experience.

I can't wait for next year!! I hope I'll see you there!


  1. WOW! looks like you had a great time!!!
    Are you going to PR weekend in SF? It's at the end of April 2013.

  2. Sounds like a super time. You look fabulous in your new top.

  3. It was fabulous meeting you. I was telling my husband about you and how inspiring you are.

  4. Loved meeting and shopping with you, Katie! I still can't believe you made those red skinny jeans!

  5. I loved meeting you, finding new people to follow along with - my favorite part. And how did I miss that you are a doctor as well? That is awesome!

  6. Sadly we didn't "officially" meet at the Sewing Summit, but we were in the knit top class together and you lent me your duckbill scissors in open sewing room late Saturday night as I tried to finish my own knit top. (I sat across the aisle from you wearing a blue Schoolhouse tunic, dark short hair). ANyway, consider me a new follower. your sewing skills are MAD, and my friend and I kept referring to you as the "Amazing Seamstress". maybe we'll see you again next year! ;)
    Jen (Piggybaby)

  7. It was great hanging out with you as well. I am totally in awe of your garment sewing abilities. I ditto Veronica with those red skinny jeans. Fabulous and Amazing. I think Tauni inspired a lot of people to think bigger when it comes to your blog, so we will see what changes we all end up making. Keep in touch and I can't wait to see what new projects you have in store. :)


  8. I hope I can meet you next year. There were so many people that I never even got to say hi to.

  9. Sorry that we didn't get to officially meet at sewing summit! But I hope to get to hang out next year! =) Love your new top.

  10. So glad we connected and got to shop for some cool finds. Dang girl, you have some super skills! Looking forward to keeping in touch and creating something fun together.

  11. We haven't met and I couldn't go to the Sewing Summit this year. I hope to go in 2013!!! Just reading your post makes me inspired!!!