Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ottobre 03/2011-20

I'm not usually big on the holiday themed clothing, since my kids tend to wear it far past the intended holiday. As a case in point, Myra wore a Christmas dress yesterday. But I saw this cute glittery shirt at Walmart the other day, and I knew Myra would love it (and that I would never go to the trouble it would take me to freezer paper stencil that many different colors), so I bought it, intending to make a lace skirt to go with it.

Then my mother sent me this black mesh with pink sequin hearts. Yeah. Myra died a little. And the pink matches the shirt, so we're calling it a Halloween outfit. And it will work for Valentine's Day as well. Win!

For the pattern, I used the "Funky Stripes" skirted leggings from the 03/2011 issue. They are designed to be capri leggings, but I shortened the leggings to be shorts for under the skirt and cut two layers of skirt.
They're perfect for keeping everything covered during preschool. Sitting "criss-cross applesauce" isn't very ladylike. For the shorts, underskirt and waistband, I used black rib knit. I was a total dork when I cut it out and so the skirt is actually a slightly different black than the shorts and waistband. Hopefully, no one is getting close enough to Myra's skirt to notice. The overlay is mesh with embroidered hearts and embellished with sequins. Mom picked it up at Golden D'Or in Dallas. 
I can't even begin to tell you what a PITA those sequins were. Even after clipping them out of the seam allowances, I still managed to break 6 needles on the darn things. Fortunately, Myra LOVES this skirt, so the sequins are forgiven.
And it twirls. It's a winner.


  1. Oh dear! Mustn't let Charlotte see that fabric!

    Very cute and twirly indeed.

  2. The skirt screams "Myra" to me! I bet she'll wear this one a lot.:)

  3. I bet those sequins were a nightmare. But, oh she looks so pleased! Positively beaming! What a great mom!

  4. She sure is adorable in her new skirt!

  5. That's a perfectly twirl-able skirt. Good thing you forgave the sequins. g