Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ottobre 03/2008-7

Up until now, I haven't needed to do much Duncan sewing. Logan left a ton of hand me downs, and Duncan has been pretty well dressed. But, since their birthdays are offset by a season, we have no warm weather clothes in his current size. Even all of his pants are lined or fleece. The kid needs shorts.
So I made him Ottobre 03/2008-7, the "Aqua" shorts. I made them a size too large, since I wanted them to last him a while.
The pattern is an elastic waist short with front and back patch pockets, and a yoke both front and back. Fun times with topstitching!
I added a little patch to one of the back pockets. Duncan is definitely a little monkey!
Here is a side detail shot so you can see the pockets, yokes and topstitching. I didn't have any yellow heavyweight thread on hand, so I used the triple stitch to give it some density and make it pop. I didn't use my twin needle this time - just sewed it freehand. Sometimes I'm crazy like that.
From the back, I actually really like the way they fit, despite being a size too big. There is plenty of diaper room. You have to love that cloth diaper friendly European drafting. The fabric is a printed canvas from Mom's stash. The selvage says that it comes from Joann, but I haven't seen anything this cute and boy friendly there lately!
One more cute baby picture, just for good measure. It's so nice to have such a cooperative model for a change!


  1. Adorable shorts on an adorable Duncan! They look great, I like all the details.

  2. They are great--cute boy fabric.
    I have a topstitching question . . . . regarding the 4th photo. When do you do the line of topstitching that goes around the yoke? Before or after the side seam is sewn?

    1. Excellent question! Wish I had thought about it before I plowed forward...

      The directions have you topstitch each seam as you sew it, which is what I did, but you end up having to carefully match each of the four sections at three points each (seamline and two lines of topstitching). In retrospect (and assuming you are sewing on a machine with a free arm, which I was), I think I would do the topstitching after assembling the shorts, but before doing the elastic in the waistband. It would have been much easier to get the match points to line up. If I was topstitching on my flatbed machine without the free arm, I probably would have sewed the crotch seam, then topstitched the front and backs separately, then sewn the side seams. It would have at least halved the number of places I had to match, while still being able to sew them flat.

  3. Those are great shorts! I love the little monkey label. I saw some cute kiddie labels like that at Hobby Lobby, and my kids really liked them. I think I'll keep that in mind when I sew their summer shorts soon. Overall, very lovely, Duncan looks happy!

  4. adorable little buy! I feel the urge to sew for my little guy too... and I thought there weren't any cute boy's staff to sew... you changed my mind!

  5. I love all of your detailing. Those shorts are great, and Duncan is an adorable model!

  6. You sew such cute things for your children. Look at the big smile on that little boys face!

  7. I love Ottobre's details on thier patterns. They are cute but he is just adorable. What a cutie pie.

  8. Once again, nice topstitching! I love the detail on Ottobre patterns! I think I should start collecting some back issues so I have a decent stash by the time I have little ones to sew for. These are so adorably sporty, and I love the pocket designs!