Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Simplicity 2526

I'm about to embark on a string of Holiday crafting, which I won't be able to show you until after the fact.  So, it may be a little quiet around here until I get finished.  First though, Myra needed some snuggly pants, as it has actually been sort of chilly.
I made them out of a minky-like fleece that I found at Walmart.  Sometimes I get really lucky there.
The pattern is Simplicity 2526, which I used last year for some corduroy pants for her.  Maybe I'll get around to that adorable coat and hat next year.  It is a nice basic pant pattern that has a cute shape and fits her well.
It's a little boring, so I added some ribbon trim to the side seam.
Here is the rearview.  They are a little long, but I'm leaving them that way.  She's not tripping on them, and you never know when a growth spurt will hit.  I'd like these to last her all winter!
She's happy with them, but then they are a lurid Barbie pink.  What's not to love?  After she snuggled with them all day, I have to say it looks like these are a win!


  1. Those look super comfortable. I may have to make a pair of my own, lol.

  2. They look so cozy--great idea for the ribbon on the side. Looking forward to what you post--post holidays.

  3. They look very comfy! Your little girl looks adorable, or shall I say: 'Pretty in pink'?

  4. Nice fabric find, even in lurid pink, heh heh! I've boycotted Wal-Mart since a bad experience at their fabric cutting counter years ago.

    The ribbon trim is a nice touch.

  5. Those are way cute! I'll keep the ribbon trim in mind for future little girl pants. I really like that detail.

  6. How cute! Pepto Pants :)
    ...the ribbon is a perfect match too!

  7. Oo... I love the ribbon on the side! They looks like so much fun to wear and play in!